I'm a Democratic candidate for Princeton Borough mayor for several reasons.  First, I am confident I will serve the Borough well if elected.  Second, I believe Borough residents deserve a choice of candidates. My candidacy means that every Princetonian's needs can be heard and debated in this race. Third, I will, as mayor, ensure that those needs are met using every power the mayor possesses.

I'm also running for Borough mayor because I see three views of government prevailing in America today--views that are reflected locally. At the one extreme: government should do nothing. At the other extreme: government never does anything. In the middle, my view: government often does good but should do more.

Let me illustrate the balance I will strike as mayor. First, I applaud Borough Council for presenting a flat budget for two and now probably three years in a row. Budgets can always be re-examined, however. And only more revenue can provide the tax relief we need, especially after our distressing recent revaluation. Surely a university “in the nation's service and in the service of all nations" owes its own community a larger PILOT.

Second, Borough Council must both anticipate development and respond more proactively. Our downtown for example: I will do everything possible to encourage the kind of retail that brings residents downtown to shop for daily needs, thereby increasing Princeton's social cohesion. Borough merchants, in turn, deserve a business-friendly mayor who sees that their needs are met promptly.

Third, Princeton's established neighborhoods also deserve a mayor who will work actively to preserve them, perhaps through form-based zoning. Princeton should remain affordable for police, teachers, long-time residents—all should find housing to buy or rent here if they wish.

the Dinky terminus must not move until light rail replaces it with service to Nassau Street. I will use the mayor's Planning Board seat to represent the Borough without recusing myself on Princeton University applications.

Finally, Borough Council should publicize its accomplishments, decisions, and budget more effectively. A mayor should both speak and listen. I will, as mayor, schedule regular house meetings in each Borough neighborhood to hear residents' concerns. I will act on those concerns to my utmost ability.

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